Friday, 28 May 2010

Altered Tin Lids :)

Oh what you can do with a tin can lid !  I saved the lids off three tuna cans ( thoroughly washed I hasten to add !!!) Alcohol inked the lids & added the images. I had it in mind to make a wall hanger, but this was my first attempt .... I think I will be saving some more tin lids, & have another go, & it's   good for recycling :)


  1. These are great Carole, have made some of these myself, great fun. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Annette xx

  2. Wonderful would never have thought of tuna tins!! lol

    Great Blog carole love your work with the melt pot especially the beaded heart!!

    Love Chanelle xx

  3. Just popped on to your blog and I must say I love it. I love the way you've done these lids theyr'e pretty amazing and something I wouldn'thave thought of doing. Brilliant. eileen x

  4. Hi Carole!!
    Just amazing!!, love what you done with those lids!!
    Take care Love Vicky xx

  5. OMG! Fabulous! I love what you have done with these tin lids! Wonderful! Kim

  6. Brilliant and love reading your blog
    carol x

  7. Absolutely beautiful. I love this idea and what gorgeous art you created
    hugs June xxxx

  8. I have left you something on my blog, its a bit of fun!!! go have a look and join in if you like!