Friday, 11 June 2010

Blogger Award

Rules of the Award:- For a bit of FUN :)

1 - Thank and link to person who gave you the award

2 - Display the award on your blog

3 - Tell 6 outrageous  lies and at least 1 outrageous  truth about yourself or switch it round 
and tell six outrageous truths and  1 outrageous lie about yourself!

4 - Nominate 7 others and leave them a message to let them know!!

Hey so here goes... Truth or lies ? You'll Never Know ?!

So My Seven nominees for this Award too , as  they are very talented ladies are  :

  1. Annette at  Netty's Craftings

 2. Ju at   alittlebitofcornishmist   

 3.  Jean at lilaclanelivery 

 4. Eileen at takeapieceofcard 

5.       Chris at  bling-kin-eck 

6.  Deifen at allthatglitters

7.  Evil Edna at evilednasworlddominationplans


  1. Thank you Carole for the award, but will have to pass on it. Is this award like the never ending letter as have been nominated at least 6 times.......... really strange....
    But seriously now....never realised you also had a Toucan who can talk, mine never shuts up......... Enjoy the weekend, Annette xx

  2. Hi carole thanks for the award, you can see my truth/lies on my blog Have a fun weekend ju x

  3. Thank you for this Carole but I can't access the award, it just says there is an error when I click on it. Eileen x

  4. Hiya Carole! I just saved the picture in my documents & then added it to my page myself, like you would upload a pic of your work! If that makes sense??? Thats what I did anyways! Hope this helps??? Its a bit o fun innit!!! x

  5. Rofl... ooooh you lickle liar you.... but funny with it :D
    Thanks for the award hun... will give it a go as soon as I get chance... have saved the pic. Now need to think of 7 people to pass it on to... the rest is
    Chris xx