Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bird Life

Bird Life - Canvas

This didn't turn out how I wanted it to turn out... however I think I'll try again & do another version of this another time to see if I can get it better. 
 I wanted to use some texture paste ( never used it before ...)
so I plonked a very small amount on here to see how would work... all the beads have stuck on well & hey this stuff is brilliant. Adds texture -like it says on the tin.. great for 'cementing ' things on to the canvas & I think I'm going to have a go soon at stamping in it  & see what that turns out like...I 'm in the process of working on another canvas & so far I've added some shells in this paste & they've stuck fast & not yet fallen off... Lets see when I've finished it! 

Any way for this practice  -

Materials I used :

Small square white canvas
Blue Acrylic paints
Tissue paper
Multi Medium
Texture paste
Inca Gold paint
Thin gold coloured metal for the bird
Paper Artsy die
Silicon Glue
Small beads
Small bird feather
Green foilage

What I did..
  • Painted the canvas front & sides with two shades of blue paint. Left it a while for the paint to dry.
  • Added some  ripped up pieces of bird printed tissue paper & stuck  onto canvas front & sides with multi medium. Again left  it to dry. 
         - next time I do this I am going to stamp onto the tissue paper.
  • Added some texture paste with a small palette knife in top left & bottom right hand corners  of canvas & added the beads/foilage /feather whilst still wet so they stick in to the paste.
  • Allowed paste to dry overnight -The next day added more blue paint to cover the white of the  texture paste which now has dried solid.

  • Die cut the bird with thin metal -embossed slightly round the edge of the bird & embossed the  eye on the reverse side of the metal & attached it to the canvas with silicon glue.
  • Finished off with dabbing randomly some Inca Gold paint over the canvas.
Thank you to everyone for all your lovely comments , made on my blog - Carole xxx


  1. Texture paste is fab Carole for all sorts of things, have fun. Annette x

  2. It's so frustrating when things don't turn out the way you want them to isn't it!!! Oh the joys of crafting - lol!!! Kay x